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Oct. 21, 2014 - 27 Tishri 5775
Daf Yomi Yevamos 17
4949/1188  Rav Yitzchok HaZaken - "Ri" Baal Tosafos

5303/1602  Rav Avrohom Av Beis Din Prague

5502/1801  Rav Elazar Rokeach - Maaseh Rokeach

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An Early Motza'ei Shabbos In Manchester
Those who learnt in Manchester Yeshiva will remember how, from week to week, the approach of Shabbos could actually be felt in the air. Shabbos was so much the highlight of the week, that the days before and after literally centred around the Mei'ein Olam Habo.

It was for this reason that the famous Manchester Rosh Yeshiva Rav Yehuda Zev Segal zt"l, would begin to deliver his weekly 'shmuess' just before nacht late on Shabbos afternoon. This way he would deliberately extend Kedushas Shabbos for the duration of the 'shmuess' and only after that daven Mariv and make Havdolo.

In the sixties, a young man from Uruguay managed to join the Yeshiva for a limited period. Knowing that his time was short, he set about utilising every single day to charge up his batteries before he would have to go back to the spiritual wilderness. To this end, he longed to be able to make a tape recording of the wonderful shmuessen so that he could re-hear them in later times. It bothered him that these shmuessen were being delivered during what was technically Motzaei Shabbos, but the fact that the Yeshiva decided to extend Shabbos prohibited him from doing this.

He discussed his problem with the Rosh Yeshiva, and explored the possibility of the Rosh Yeshiva and himself saying Bircas Hamavdil at nacht, so that the recording could be made. The halachic aspects were cleared by the local Rabbonim, and it was now up to the Rosh Yeshiva to agree. After serious consideration, the Rosh Yeshiva said that he was unable to answer at the time, and that he should approach him again later in the week.

(Note: anyone who knew the Rosh Yeshiva knows that he would jump at the chance to give or do anything at all for anyone else. He absolutely lived "far yenem" and considered their situation as his own. However, evidently this bochur was requesting an extremely great sacrifice – Only the Rosh Yeshiva really understood the true value of every minute of Kedushas Shabbos, and found it too precious to forfeit.)

At their second meeting the Rosh Yeshiva agreed, and arrangements were made to remind the Rosh Yeshiva at nacht to say the Bracha. Subsequently he and the bochur released their Kedushas Shabbos on time, while the rest of the Yeshiva were still basking in the wonderful Kedusha which they probably failed to appreciate fully.

Many years later, the book "Inspiration and Insight" was published in English, a collection of the Manchester Rosh Yeshiva's shmuessen. The majority of the material was taken directly from those recordings which were made possible by the Rosh Yeshiva's sacrifice for others.

The Rosh Yeshiva had worked on himself to give away Ruchnius - Mei'ein Olam Habo – for someone else's sake. In retrospect we now know that rather than being a sacrifice it was an investment. Every time someone picks up a copy of Inspiration and Insight, the Rosh Yeshiva gains even greater Ruchnius in the Lichtige Olam Habo he now occupies.


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